About Us



Ripple Ridge Recreation Association (RRRA) was formed in the fall of 2014 and is incorporated in the Province of BC.

RRRA consists of a 5 member Board of Governors and and a growing membership. RRRA Board of Governors are dedicated individuals who express common interests, enthusiasm, and the values of working as a team. Many of our members have spent much of their time in the Ripple Ridge area, accessing the cabin throughout all four seasons.

Our purpose is to manage and maintain the Ripple Ridge Cabin and surrounding recreation site in agreement and co-operation with 
Recreation Sites and Trails BC. We also operate and maintain a website for Ripple Ridge Cabin which includes an on-line booking and reservation system. RRRA is responsible for collecting fees for overnight users of the cabin through the booking system.

To help ensure the cabins availability through the winter, most of the maintenance is performed during the summer months. With only essential services being carried out in winter. 

Our vision is to promote safe, responsible use of the cabin and recreation site as well as provide a secure and comfortable shelter for those in need. 

RRRA members enjoy spending time in the back country, as well as preserving the environment.